Yes! To have a set session with me, I do require a deposit that is 30% of the total session fee as well as a signed contract. The contract isn't meant to scare you in anyway, it simply outlines important details of the session and terms to which both of us understand and agree to! My job is to always have my client's best interest at heart. 


Do you deliver every image you shoot?

No --  I won't deliver any photos that are blurry, out-of-focus, you blinking, etc. I will make sure to select the most flattering pictures of you, always wanting you to love your images and I have no reason to withhold any good photos from you. I want you to be happy and feel confident with the images I deliver.

Will the images you deliver be edited?

Yes! Half of my job as a photographer is editing your images and I love it, it's a glow up! I will hand-edit every photo I send to you, always making sure to represent my true editing style.

When it comes to retouching or crazy photoshopping, that is not my speciality, therefore I won't be able to work a miracle there.  I am a huge believer in self-love and body positivity so I don't like to alter your natural beauty (unless you have a small blemish that you really don't like). 


No, I don't give away the RAW or unedited images. Part of the process and job of a photographer includes their unique editing. An unedited image doesn't represent my brand or style, my edited images do. You wouldn't ask a baker for just the batter of a cake, right? No, the process of baking and decorating it is what makes them unique! 

What is your usual turnaround time for gallery deliveries? How do i receive the images?

I will always edit your photos and deliver your gallery within 2 weeks. Depending on the type of session, it might be quicker! :)  I will deliver your images to you through a gallery delivery site called Pic-Time, where you'll be able to share and download your photos, as well as order prints. 

Can I pick which images you share on your social media, website, or anywhere else online?

No, any of the images I deliver to you could be shared online. 

Are you LGBTq+ friendly?

100% yes! <3 

Can I bring a friend with me to the session?

Of course! I always recommend bringing a hype-friend with you to your session if that'll make you feel more comfortable!

Have any other questions I didn't address? Contact me! 

Berona Michelle


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